The 7 Best LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers in Denmark

As a job seeker in Denmark, you can’t really do without LinkedIn. There are around 2.2 million Danish profiles on LinkedIn and the number of employers who use LinkedIn as a recruitment channel is rapidly increasing. 3% of companies used it as a channel in 2011, while 55% of companies used it as a channel in 2018, according to our yearly Recruitment Analysis. In the bigger companies in the private sector (50+ employees), 67% actually use LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.

#1 Be active – share and engage in relevant Content

  • Consider carefully your activity on LinkedIn. What you like or comment on matters – or at least the rest of your network will notice is to some degree due to LinkedIn’s algorithm.

    Remember that your Likes and comments are supposed to create value for your network, so give it some extra thought next time you comment on a LinkedIn update.

#2 Demonstrate your knowledge

  • Upload slides, product portfolios or other material via, make knowledge-based, insightful status updates or participate in professional discussions in groups.

    Also, consider making a video, writing a blog post or providing perspectives on your previous projects that could be interesting for your network.

    The main goal of your activities is to establish yourself as a knowledgeable expert within your field.  Show ‘em, don’t tell!

#3 Perfectionize your profile

  • When someone looks at your profile make sure it is orderly and leaves a competent impression. Think about presenting a professional image and strong competencies when writing your “title” and your professional experience.

    When filling out your Summary, be sure to tell the world about your vision for the future – not about your past. Your Summary must inspire readers, while reciting your experience should just be for reference.

#4 Build a Recruiter-friendly profile

  • A LinkedIn profile that is keyword optimized will turn up higher in search results, when a Danish employer searches for profiles like yours.

    Keywords are the words a recruiter enters into the search box to find qualified candidates. Look at the job descriptions of your target companies and roles. Build the key competencies and skills they seek naturally into your profile. This step will give your profile greater visibility and lead to more job interviews.

#5 Arrange your Coffee Meetings by using LinkedIn’s InMail feature

  • 62% of companies love to hold coffee meetings, if the person in question has been recommended by some-one in their own network (source: recruitment analysis 2015).

    Consider also to use the “InMail” feature to invite new potential connections to a coffee meeting. Be precise about your motivation and tell the recipient what they will get out of it.

#6 Find job openings on LinkedIn

  • Okay, this one’s obvious. But did you know that 55% of the Danish companies actually use LinkedIn as a tool in their recruitment process?

    This means, that close to 6 out of 10 employers use the social media platform to post their job openings on their Company Profile, their personal LinkedIn profile or by using LinkedIn’s Job Slots.

    Also, they’re using LinkedIn’s Recruiter tool to search for candidates based on specific search teams (specific competencies, job title, industry, experience level etc.).

#7 Just get inspired!

  • Use LinkedIn as an inspirational tool for your job search:

    Follow companies and relevant professional groups.
    Seek out professionals with the same background as you.
    Get inspired by other’s career paths – that might even inspire you to look for jobs in another industry or within another professional field.

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