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Spouse Career Program:
Finding Work and Life balance in a different culture

What is the Spouse Career program?

  • The Spouse Career Program contains personal meetings with a professional Career Coach, who will dedicate time, focus and network on supporting the spouse towards his og her next job – regardless if it’s a part-time job, a full-time job or freelance projects.

    The Spouse Career Program will release the full potential of your employee, because a balanced job life for the spouse is being taken care of.

    The spouse program is suited for English speaking spouses with a real job-motivation.

Spouse_Career program meetings
The spouses job matters

Families stay longer in Denmark, if the spouse gets a job

  • If you want to retain your new employee, you have to consider – as an employer – how you can support the spouse in their jobsituation.

    And actually, it’s a fact. The Danish Think Tank, DEAmade a report back in 2016 that concluded, that families stay longer in Denmark, if the spouse has a job. In other words: It’s pretty good business.

“The consultant from ballisager was able to give me feedback both on my approach to the job market and also on my CV and cover letters. This helped me enormously to prepare for an interview with a potential employer. I managed to secure the job, and the preparation from Ballisager, including some materials they gave me for that purpose, was a big part of being confident in the interview process.

I also felt confident that if I had not been successful in this application, that Ballisager would be able to help me approach other potential employers. In Denmark this is hugely important since a large number of positions are never advertised, and network connections are very important.”

Judith Canning, Spouse

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Contact our Director, Morten Ballisager, who’s in charge of the Spouse Career Program. Use the contact formular below or write him an e-mail at mb@ballisager.com.